Deshedding Your Cat

Ever wondered if you can deshed your cat? We're not kitten you when you say not only can you deshed them, you SHOULD!

How do I use the Refuresh deshedding tool?

The Refuresh should be used to deshed your cat similarly to dogs by removing any large knots or tangles in the fur before deshedding. We recommend using light pressure by gently gliding the tool across your cat’s fur, ejecting loose fur as you go for optimum efficiency. The Refuresh is best used after washing on dry, clean fur only.

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Is the Refuresh suitable for my cat?

For medium to long hair cats, we recommend using the Long Hair Type Refuresh deshedding tool as cats usually have fine/softer hair than their canine counterparts. Our deshedder is suitable for most cat breeds, including the Scottish Fold, Ragdoll, Siberian, and British Long Hair. For the full list of cat breeds suitable for deshedding, click here.

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Deshedding tool for large dogs with short hair