Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about deshedding brushes for your dog? Or particular questions about the Refuresh deshedding tool? We have answers here for deshedding tools, brushes and grooming products.


Grooming your pet from the comfort of your home reduces any anxiety your dog may experience in an unfamiliar or stressful environment. Not only does it give you and your pooch precious bonding time, it’s also easier on your wallet.

Despite the initial cost of buying a Refureshing Brush, it is cost-saving in the long run as deshedding your dog in between professional grooming appointments reduces the need for grooming visits and keeps your pup’s fur healthy and luxurious. Frequent deshedding will also collect dead and loose hair that is just waiting to stick to your couch or clothing.

Both are vital to get your dog’s fur looking pawfect! Brushing tackles your dog’s top coat by eliminating dirt and dander. On the other hand, deshedding removes the undercoat that dogs lose naturally. 

One of the major problems that pet owners face is animal hair all over their furniture, floors and clothing. Here are a few tips to alleviate this hairy issue:

  • First, ditch the broom and get a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping up loose hair can sometimes cause more of a mess as the strands of hair may float around while vacuuming just cleans everything up at one go. For better results, try and purchase a vacuum cleaner that is designed for pets.

  • Stock up on lint rollers! They’re a lifesaver and best of all, they’re cheap.

  • Place an old sheet anywhere your dog likes to rest or cuddle, so that you can easily shake it outside before throwing it in the washing machine.


Even though all these tips will help clean up the mess, tackling the root of the problem will be the most effective. Establishing and sticking to a grooming schedule helps to prevent your house from being coated with fur. To reduce fur deposits in the first place, use a Refuresh’s deshedder on your dog’s coat!

To reduce shedding up to 99%, aim to have a deshedding session once a week. Before you start deshedding, remove any large knots and tangles. Start by gently moving the Refuresh dog deshedder down your furry friend’s coat, brushing in the same direction as their hair. Start from the head and work your way towards the tail. Don’t apply too much pressure – let the weight of the tool do the work. Be sure to use caution around sensitive areas, including your pup’s stomach, legs and genitals. Snuggles must be given after deshedding (and that’s an order).

Yes – providing they have the correct fur type for deshedding (see list below). For medium to long hair cats, we recommend using the Long Hair Type Refuresh deshedding tool as cats usually have fine/softer hair than their canine counterparts.


Benefits of deshedding your cat:

  • Reduces tangles & mats

  • Reduces hairballs

  • Reduces hair fall around your home and on clothes!

  • Improved fur health


The Refuresh should be used to deshed your cat similarly to dogs by removing any large knots or tangles in the fur prior to deshedding. We recommend using light pressure by gently gliding the tool across your cat’s fur, ejecting loose fur as you go for optimum efficiency. The Refuresh is best used after washing, on dry, clean fur only.


Recommended cat fur types for deshedding with Refuresh:

  • Maine Coon

  • Manx

  • Scottish Fold

  • Norwegian Forest Cat

  • Birman

  • Himalayan

  • Persian

  • Ragdoll

  • Turkish Angora

  • Siberian

  • British Long Hair

  • British Short Hair

  • Domestic Short Hair


Cat breeds not suitable for deshedding:

  • American Wirehair

  • Selkirk Rex

  • Sphynx Cat (pawviously!)


If you are unsure if your cats fur is suitable for a deshedding tool or they have extremely soft/fine hair, please check first with your veterinary professional prior to using.


We know sometimes things don’t go to plan, and that’s why we want to make sure returning a product is a walk in the park. 

You can return a product within 30 days of purchase. So we can point you in the right direction, contact us before you return the product (we can’t process returns unless we’ve given you a return number and address). Please also make sure the product is unopened and in its original packaging.

At Refuresh, we take pride in making sure our products are of premium quality. If a product is damaged, faulty or not fit for its intended purpose, we’ll give you a full refund. So we can do better in the future, please send us photos of the damaged item with your name and invoice number, and this way we can make sure it doesn’t happen again!


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