The Maltese, with its enchanting appearance and flowing coat, requires a considerable amount of care and attention to maintain its magnificent look. Unlike some breeds, the Maltese does not have a double coat but rather a single coat, and this distinction significantly influences their shedding patterns.

Due to the single-coat structure, Maltese shed considerably less than many other breeds. The hair of a Maltese is akin to human hair, setting them apart from the typical fur found on most dogs. This characteristic not only contributes to their hypoallergenic reputation but also means that they don't shed as much as breeds with double coats.

While you can expect a light dusting of white hair throughout the year, it's minimal and not highly noticeable. The grooming routine for a Maltese primarily involves regular brushing to prevent matting and maintain the silky texture of their hair.

Dog grooming for Maltese

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