The Havanese, proudly serving as the national dog of Cuba and named after the vibrant capital city, Havana.

While their name may evoke images of warm tropical breezes, what truly sets Havanese apart is their minimal shedding. These dogs rarely lose hair, and when they do, it tends to be caught by their outer coat, minimising the impact on your living space. However, the notion of a non-shedding dog doesn't mean low maintenance, as Havanese grooming needs are quite the opposite.

Dog Grooming for Havanese, small fluffy dog

The purfect deshedding tool for your Havanese

Refuresh’s Long Hair Deshedding Tool is hound-approved (we asked and they woofed right back). Made with your woofer’s health top of mind, Refuresh’s dog grooming tools will have your doggo looking and feeling their best.

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