Dalmatians are unique in their coat characteristics. Their beautiful coat is short, sleek, and known for its distinctive black spots on a white background. Dalmatians do shed, but their shedding is more continuous throughout the year, rather than seasonal like some other breeds. 

The Dalmatian's coat is not just about appearances; it serves a purpose too. This breed was historically bred to be a coach dog, and their coat helped protect them from debris and dirt during long journeys. To keep their coat in top condition, regular brushing is essential. This helps to remove loose fur and distribute natural oils throughout their coat, keeping it healthy and shiny. 

Dalmatians are born with spots, but it's their consistent grooming that keeps them looking spotless! 

Dog brush for Dalmatian

Discovering the Best Deshedding Tool for Your Dalmatian's Coat

Refuresh’s Short-Medium Hair Deshedding Brush is hound-approved (we asked and they woofed right back).

Made with your Dalmatian's health top of mind, Refuresh’s dog grooming tools will have your doggo looking and feeling their best.

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