The Bullmastiff, a majestic and sizable breed, has a rich history as a protector of estates in the 19th century, employed by professional hunters to safeguard their domains.

In terms of shedding, Bullmastiffs fall into the category of moderate shedders. Although the shedding is not highly noticeable most of the time, it becomes more prominent during the transitional seasons of spring and autumn. Due to their large size, they inherently have more hair to shed than smaller breeds. Despite this, the Bullmastiff's coat is relatively easy to maintain.

Regular brushing proves effective in keeping their homes relatively fur-free. Bullmastiffs typically exhibit a moderate shedding pattern throughout the year, with a slightly increased shedding phase during spring and fall. This grooming routine not only manages shedding but also promotes a healthy coat for these loyal and protective companions.

Deshedding brush for Bullmastiff

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