Border Collie

Border Collies, known for their distinctive double-coated long hair, experience shedding, most notably during their primary moulting seasons in Spring and Autumn. 

The natural shedding process assists your Border Collie in refreshing their coat and maintaining body temperature. To effectively manage shedding, regular grooming is indispensable. Although it may appear as a demanding task, consistent grooming ensures a well-maintained coat and minimizes the effects of moulting. 

Despite their dense and thick coat, which plays a critical role in regulating body temperature, it's vital to refrain from shaving or clipping their coat in the hot summer months. These actions not only disrupt their natural temperature regulation but also expose them to harmful UV rays. Protecting their coat's integrity is essential. 

Deshedding tool for Border Collie

The purfect deshedding tool for your Border Collie

Refuresh’s Long Hair Deshedding Tool is hound-approved (we asked and they woofed right back). Made with your woofer’s health top of mind, Refuresh’s dog grooming tools will have your doggo looking and feeling their best.

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