The Beagle, despite not boasting the fluffiest or longest of coats, surprises many with its substantial shedding. Beagles shed moderately throughout the year, and their shedding becomes more pronounced during the two shedding seasons. Contrary to expectations for a medium-sized, short-haired breed, Beagles shed more than you might anticipate.

This breed possesses a double coat, a feature designed to help regulate their body temperature. The double coat serves a dual purpose, keeping them cool in warmer weather and providing insulation against the chill in colder climates.

The dual layers of the Beagle's coat contribute to increased shedding compared to dogs with a single-layer coat. The hair is notably short, coarse, and prickly, adding to the distinctive characteristics of Beagle grooming. Regular brushing is essential to manage their shedding.

Dog brush for Beagles

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