Gentle Deshedding Brush for Pets with Short/Medium Hair

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Color: Red

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Unpack your new Refuresh Deshedding Brush, go fetch your furry friend, and begin their at-home grooming journey.

 Gently reduces shedding up to 99%

 Easy to use, stress-free grooming at home

 Helps keep your home free from messy pet hair

 Say goodbye to pet odour around the house

 Doesn't cut or stress healthy pet hair

Best for short/medium hair breeds such as:
Labrador Retriever, Terriers, Bull dog, Boxer, Punscher, Damlatian, Foxhound, Rottweiler.

Package: 120mm×65mm×235mm
Brush: 43mm brush head×53mm×180mm

Package: 150mm×65mm×235mm
Brush: 63mm brush head×53mm×180mm

Package: 150mm×65mm×235mm
Brush: 97mm brush head×53mm×180mm

Say goodbye to pet hair hassles.

Reduces shedding up to 99%
Spend less time cleaning up after your pet and more time enjoying their company.

Cleaner Home:
Say yes to a tidier home environment, free from unwanted fur.

Happier, Healthier Pet:
Regular grooming with Refuresh not only reduces shedding but also contributes to a vibrant and well-maintained coat.

Engineered for perfect grooming, with every stroke.

Precision "C" Teeth Design:
Crafted with a vertical "C" teeth structure, Refuresh ensures gentle grooming that protects your pet's coat during every session.

Effortless Hair Removal:
Featuring a perforated one swipe disposal, Refuresh makes post-grooming cleanup a breeze. Easily remove collected hair for a hassle-free grooming experience.

Comfortable Grooming:
The adjustable comb head of Refuresh guarantees a comfortable grooming experience. Tailor it to your pet's needs for a stress-free and enjoyable grooming session.

Quality Assurance:
Rest easy knowing Refuresh has undergone extensive testing, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. Your pet deserves the best, and our product is designed to deliver just that.