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Partnership Announcement: Refuresh + RSPCA South Australia

Partnership Announcement: Refuresh + RSPCA South Australia

Refuresh is proud to announce a new partnership with RSPCA South Australia (SA), to bring the best grooming care to shelter pets in need.

Through this partnership, every adopted pet will receive an adoption pack to help new pet owners to properly care for their new loved ones.

Sarah Rawlings, Refuesh’s National Sales Manager said "Partnering with RSPCA South Australia is a testament to our shared commitment to enhancing the lives of pets. Together, we're not just grooming animals; we're contributing to futures filled with love, care, and endless tail wags."

“As passionate advocates for pet health and well-being, Refuresh is thrilled to join forces with RSPCA SA to ensure that every cat and dog who finds their forever home receives the highest standard of grooming care.”

The partnership was formalised on the eve of Refuresh’s 3rd anniversary, in March 2024, filling an identified gap for re-homed animals and new pet owners. The South Australian company will provide video tutorials to accompany the donated adoption pack, which was designed for maximum comfort and results.

“While brushing your pet’s coat with a standard brush removes tangles and clears away surface debris, the Refuresh brush specifically targets the removal of the pet's loose, dead undercoat, leaving the topcoat intact and undamaged.”

The Refureshing Brush sets the standard for pet grooming excellence with its rust-resistant stainless-steel teeth, adjustable comb head, and integrated ejector for effortless fur removal and cleaning.

Ms Rawlings said that “The partnership with RSPCA SA will help to provide the very best for the lives of shelter animals in need. Together, we're enhancing pet care one brush stroke at a time. And that’s worth celebrating!”