The Great Pyrenees 

The Great Pyrenees, often affectionately referred to as the Pyrenees or Pyr, is a majestic and substantial breed, renowned for its remarkable appearance and gentle temperament. These magnificent dogs are characterized by their thick, double coat, which can be found in shades of pure white, white with gray or tan markings, or white with yellow accents. This luxurious coat serves as a testament to their regal lineage. However, such grandeur comes with responsibilities. 

Great Pyrenees are known for being one of the highest-shedding dog breeds globally, making their owners well-acquainted with floating tufts of fur. Shedding is a year-round affair, but it intensifies in the spring when they shed their winter coat. This process readies them for the warmer months by allowing their undercoat to restructure itself for the impending summer. 

However, if you're faced with the overwhelming experience of dealing with their voluminous winter coat loss, take heart. The silver lining is that the shedding will gradually diminish as your Pyr sheds its undercoat completely. 

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